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May 2019


 Random thoughts

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PostSubject: Random thoughts   Random thoughts EmptyThu May 24, 2012 6:49 pm

Hey everyone I have some random ideas that I have just thought of today. (note some thughts are incomplete)

1. For a distraction can we add a music room to the server? Just a room full of note blocks and jukeboxes (records should only be avalible to admins so people cannot troll).

2. Why do we have a crafting room when there are no furnaces in it? There are the ones that outline the entrance, but normal players can't use them so they are pointless.

3. Why are there guard apps on this forum when one of the first signs you read on the server says, "There are no guards PVP is allowed." Can we get some clarity on this, is the guard app on the forum asexually meant to be an admin app or is it just an obscure post.

4. I have an idea for a new event. Survival of the Fitest. Throw everyone into a dark room (made of obsidian and near the abyss) and have mobs spawn all over. Last one to die wins.

5. I noticed barely anyone goes on the server. I feel that if we want this forum to be for the people of Live and Learn prison then we need to encourage activeness in game and on the forums.

6. My last point. Can there be set up practice arenas for events so that people can become good, make games really fun and interseting, and add a more competetive aspect to events.

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Random thoughts
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