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June 2017

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 2zacky's moderator aplication

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PostSubject: 2zacky's moderator aplication   Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:19 pm

IGN- 2zacky

Age- 15

Paragraph on why you should have this position-

I feel that I should be an admin since I display many leadership traits. For one I have been active on the server and forums which can be seen through my rank (beta currently) and my activeness on the forums. I have dedicated many hours to this server working up LP and gaining ranks while getting to know the people and admins of this server on a mutual level. I ran my own server in the past and know what an admins responsibilities and duties are. I have shown through my actions and through my words in this paragraph why I should be an admin for Live and Learn Prison Server.

How often you are on- daily (2-3hrs) and later when most of the moderators are not on (Late at night when a few people come on)

Past experiences as staff- I have hosted my own mc server (it got DDoSed) and I have played around with a lot of admin options on that server (meaning that I won't screw around because I know what having admin power is like)

What is the equation of a circle with a radius of 2.5 and a center of (-4, Cool ?- (x+4)(^2)+(y-8 )(^2)=2.5(^2)

(^ means the following number is an exponent)


Do you play on any other servers?- yes
If yes to above question please list them- noobscraft and Doddkraft (shutdown)

Have you used hacked clients? (BE TRUTHFUL, If we find out you lied severe consequences will be administered)- I have looked at the code of the server module but I have never tried to hack it. I have only looked at the code for a project since I am in an introductory to coding class.

Are you active on the forums?- Yes I have posted many suggestions for the server, presented evidence to ban the players Ciln and holypewp, and I am currently playing the forum game that 15mtsoi is hosting.

What you can offer in terms of services to the server- I am on when other admins are usually not and I know what it is like to be a leader and to be trusted with power.

Solve for X in 2x+97=2(3x-49)- x=48.75

-2x -2x
+98 +98
/4 /4


I thank you all for your time and well thought out decisions and I wish the best of luck to everyone that applies to be a moderator.

I know that Cool is really 8 )

more edit

Find the equation of a circle with a radius of 5 and a center with a center of (3,7)- (x-3)(^2)+(y-7)(^2)=5(^2)
will do

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Posts : 201
Reputation : -1
Join date : 2012-05-21
Age : 20
Location : behind you

PostSubject: Re: 2zacky's moderator aplication   Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:35 pm

This is a post for the admins:

If I do not get the moderator job could you please reply to this and tell what you think I need to improve on to be able to one day be a mod.
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2zacky's moderator aplication
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