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 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception

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PostSubject: 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception   Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:54 pm

So i was watching inception again cuz i was bored and after the first time you watch ait and u get over the amazing graphics and cool action scenes, you notice some things.

SPOILER ALERT:If you actually want to watch the movie and not have it spoiled for you, stop reading now.

Anyone who watched it, you remember how you thought the movie was really clever and original,

Well thats beacuse your fucking dumb. Im sorry you had to find out this way
DISCLAIMER: im not sorry and your fucking dumb.

Anyway, this movie is about people who dream boring dreams then people go into said boring dreams and do stuff.

So it starts of with some asian guy in a dream and then he realizes that theyre trying to steal stuff from his dream and then it snaps to one where their in his apartment and hes rubbing his face on the carpet all gay and hes like

And then they wake up from that dream and the asain guy says
"OOOHHHKKAAYY, I LIKE wat u doooo with MAH KAARPEEET. Pleese do wat you DO with my karpet to osther peopre, i give you money you see FAMIRY again!"

SO he basically wants him to go into some other guys dream and but an idea in ihs head. its called the title of the movie.

So now its time to explain things for fucking 2 hours...

Leonardo da flipflop has to get peple to go into the dream with him cuz hes like scared of the dark or something.

THey need 1 person to make maps in the dream

They need another perso nto be bitches in the dream cuz its sexist if theres no girl...

They needed another guy to do...stuff...
What the hell did that white guy, wait theyre all white let me look up his name...

Joseph Gordon Levitz, what the fuck did his character do...

They needed the asian guy so he could get shot imediatley and add some diversity to the team.

For the record hes not full asian or he would be able to do the whole thing himselkf wihtout getting hurt.

They needed another guy to make sedatives, wait wati wait, so they can just pull a machine to go into peoples dreams out of theyre asses tahts fine but combine Tylenol and Melattonin and it needs a whole new character and in depth explanation...

This movie is also very keen on establishing the rules of dreams which is gay because when your diving into something like the human mind u can do whatever the fuck you want.

You just trapped yourself in a box of writing...WRITING BOX, how do u escape the box of all the stupid...

Ill get back to that later im not done with the writing box...

Ill skip the part about the limbo and shit its boring...All you need to know is that it makes no fucking sense, i eman dont get me wrong the movie explained it and all.

If you havent noticed this movie has a massive stiffy for explaining shit to you.

Basically Leonardo DaFaggio was in limbo with his wife and shit cuz thye were sleeping too much, BITCH wouldnt be sleeping if she were with me cuz id be FUCKING HER IN THE ASS!. Stupid big eyes i ahte her, which is why id fuck her in the ass cuz i dont her to get my genetics. Except in her ass. Seriously do not reproduce with this woman.
So Leonardo needs to remind her tahts shes in limbo cuz she has a tippity top that doesnt tipptiy topple and he puts it in a safe, its mental imagery its gay.

So leonardo spins Raphaels top and she knows shes in a dream naturally its time to lay down on the train tracks and KILL URSELF.

So leanoardo dacaprio's wife still thinks shes in a dream in the real world so she tries to kill herself but girls have to do everything in 2's liek go to the bathroom. Gotta put some pressure on that shit! ANyway it makes it look like he killed her so now hes on the run from the law and he cant see his dick ugly children. And everytime he goes in a dream his big eyed wife comes and tries to kill him.


So basically some dude is inheriting a buisness and cant let that happen gotta split that shit UP!

So they go into his dream and hes dreaming about New York...
Yeah just regular new york...

So they kidnap him then question him about a code, but the guy is trained to withstand dream thieves which means the hwole entire universer and fabrication of reality in which they are in is against them!

And the best they can come up with is dudes with guns as defences...

And then the asian guy gets shot and hes like
"ohoo top of the morning i been shot!"


Then they put him in a car and drive away in a high speed chase and while theyre in the car they put the buisness guy to sleep again, going deeper into his assh-i mean brain... yeah brain...

And they pop up in...

A hotel...just a regular hotel...

And then Leonardo DaShiteo convinces the buisness guy taht hes one of the buisness guys defenders so now the buisness guy is on their side!

I can feel the conlfict slipping away already, jesus go down another LEVEL!

SO then they go another layer deeper and theyre in the snow... and theyre dudes with guns and gloves in the snow...

WOw gloves really came off there... You can make ANY world you want and the best you can come up with is New York, A hotel, And a Russian base or someshit...

SO buisness dude has to go in and time for the explosive climax. ready?

keep in mind all these dreams are in liek slow mo compared to the next one.

Guy goes off the bridge in the first dream so theres no gravity and the dude that doesnt do anything just fights some random dude with no gravity, crazy right?

on the next level leonardo Dafuckio comes out with a glocko BAM, buisness guy goes down after hes done sucking the dick, and the asian guy goes like "OH MY ive been shot again!" FOR FUCKS SAKE THIS IS A DISGRACE TO MY RACE!.

So lenoardo decrapio goes down into limbo to save the asian guy, wait what the fuck, limbo just became another layer of dreaming cuz that wasnt wat it was before...

Then they kill dead the buisness guys and find dad and then sucks his dick or something then Leonardo goes deeper to limbo to free the asian guy so he can GET MONEY GET PAID SWAG.

At this point i was like seriously, you can make new kids. Preferably with someone whos not crazy, Even bteter someone whoscrazy and hot. Thats why i said ill fuck her in the ass. Cuz i dont want her to get my genetics, cept in her ass.

Anyway he finds the asian guy and hes like "I AHM AN OULHD MAHN, waiting TO DIEH!"

And then he gets him out and goes home and sees his kids. Then he spins his tippity top and the top kinda spins and wobbles like its gonna topple and it just cuts off..

Fuck thats so deep.

SO at the end it basically comes down to, does that top fall over and hes in reality or does it keep spinning and hes in adream.

I personally know the TRUE ending to this movie and that there is none. Theere were just a bunch of guys sitting around a table and they thought,
"Hey, people would talk about our movie and think it super smart if we made it so it SEEMED like it was open to interpreation"

If you belived this, u are part of the FUCKING WRITING BOX! OPEN UR EYES ITS A CONSPIRACY!

Frankly i was disgusted how uncreative this movie was.

Ever had a dream where your riding a fire breathing dragon playing a rock guitar solo with millions around u, getting a blowjob from a super big titted hot chick while u kill the people uve hated all your life?

Where the fuck was that dream?!

Did you ever have a dream where your being chased by the decaying corpse of your aunt while she screams shes going to murder you with your intestines with the arm of your mom protruding from her mouth as she holds your dads foot and is whacking yo uwith it?

Well tahts because your fucked up in the head....Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?


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PostSubject: Re: 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:04 am

True when you break it down Inception is just well... meh. But if you really think of it the whole inception (this within that) ideal created a great meme in order to distract trolls and low lifes from real people for a while. That is the purpose of all media and entertainment. To provide smart people with something to waste their time. And for dumb people to be baffled and have to ponder their entire life, disconnecting them form society making the world a better place till the dumb person gives up.
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PostSubject: Re: 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception   Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:11 am

Simple Things Satisfy Simple-Minded People


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PostSubject: Re: 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception   Sat Dec 08, 2012 6:12 am

Basically they got lots of money
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PostSubject: Re: 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception   Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:19 am

I think I can see why the movie was so successful.


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PostSubject: Re: 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception   Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:05 pm

Tl;dr. But, I've seen Inception before... It was terrible.
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PostSubject: Re: 15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception   

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15mtsoi's Reaction To Insception
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