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May 2018

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 Mod/Admin/Guard Application for Snyp3r_Vip3r

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PostSubject: Mod/Admin/Guard Application for Snyp3r_Vip3r   Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:50 am

IGN- Snyp3r_Vip3r
Age- 14
Paragraph on why you should have this position- Well, to start off with, people using hacked clients such as Nodus, are increasing. And I want to stop that, to make minecraft, more enjoyable without getting killed by a person that is 5 blocks away from you, but still somehow manages to kill you.
Past experiences as staff- I have been mod and admin, on a server called RMC, which stands for Robot Mega Corp, but that has stopped because owner, has just been divorced, and is not here to conduct server, so it has shut down.
Find the equation of a circle with a radius of 5 and a center with a center of (3,7)- (-4,?- (x-3)+(y-7)=25
Do you play on any other servers?- I used to.
If yes to above question please list them-
Have you used hacked clients? (BE TRUTHFUL, If we find out you lied severe consequences will be administered)- Yes, but it happened about 2 years ago.
Are you active on the forums?- No just started, but looking around to see what people have posted to maybe help in the feature.
What you can offer in terms of services to the server- Helping with the handful bunch(Hackers). Im a great builder, I have helped with RMC's spawn twice.
Solve for X in 2x+97=2(3x-49)- 48.75
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Mod/Admin/Guard Application for Snyp3r_Vip3r
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