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July 2018

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 15mtsoi-Blue in JRPG World

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PostSubject: 15mtsoi-Blue in JRPG World   Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:39 pm

This is gonna be an "experiment" between myself and blue, ALL ADMINS/MODS ARE INVITED and vivek.

If u want to play.

Basically. plot is as follows.

Blue heard the doorbell and raced downstairs. He opened the door and saw a medium sized brown package. He grabbed it and ripped open the packaging, revealing a 3 disk package labled "Monsumo Quest".
"YES!" He shouts triumphantly and runs upstairs, slamming the door behind him. He plops himself down on his chair and puts on his headset.
"Guys it came!" He says and hears the others cheer in approval as well.
"Can we come over for LAN party?" Nick asks
"Of course of course, ill probably be playing it so just set up ur stuff downstairs like always and ill leave the disks there" Blue responds.
They all cheer and start signing off to pack their things.
Blue inserts all 3 disks into his 69 disk loading super computer thingy and it downloads in 5 minutes.
He sets up ethernet cables and leaves the cd's downstairs and runs back up. He plops down, and snaps his headset on, and loads up the game. The dinky music of japanese rpg games starts up, and brings him to character creation

Hmmmmm he says, and is about to choose something when a tugging sensation in his heart starts and he gets dizzy.
"Da fuc-" He passes out.

Blue wakes up, dizzy from something. You hear a ceeping sound to your left and turn and see a little fairy....thing... jumping up and down with little speech bubles.
"Welcome to Monsumo! Welcome To Monsumo!"
"Character Creation This Way!"
"No fucking way..." Blue mutters...


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15mtsoi-Blue in JRPG World
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