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September 2019


 Story Time with DRac44

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PostSubject: Story Time with DRac44   Story Time with DRac44 EmptySun Jul 07, 2013 6:19 pm

For my final paper in English I had to write a story...so I figured I'd post it to see how bad it is. Enjoy!

Project Titan

Bruce was finally back home to see his family for the first time after so many years. He stood there looking at his childhood home and admiring how much it stayed the same after so many years. He began walking up to his front door to open it.
But his head split from the middle and an alarm roared from the seem. Eyes open and breathing hard, Bruce planted his feet on the carpet next to his bed. Bruce stood up from his bed and began to dress for the upcoming day when he glanced out his window. Glimmering back at him was a bright purple nebula erupting into a massive halo surrounding a nearby star system. As he watched the multi-color explosion erupt from afar, the intercom turned on for the morning announcements.
“Progress on Project Titan,” rang the eerie voice echoing throughout the ship,” day: four thousand three hundred and eighty. Approximate time until completion: six thousand seven hundred and fourteen days. Good Morning everyone! It is my pleasure to congratulate each and everyone of you. Today marks the twelve year anniversary since Titan left port at the international space station. We are currently at a speed of one hundred thirty thousand three hundred and ninety seven miles per second. Let me give you a brief recap on why we are here today. Twenty years ago was the start of project Titan. Thanks to the theory of relativity we began to build this massive spaceship that could eventually reach a top speed of 99% of the speed of light. According to Stephen Hawking to travel forward in time is actually very simple. Due to the laws of nature nothing can travel faster than light. But if something were to get close then something special would happen. If Titan reaches its top speed then the laws of nature would actually slow down the ship relative to the people on Earth, but not to the people on this ship. Titan and everyone on it would literally travel forward in time. Now we only have to keep accelerating for the next two years before we reach the first stage at 90% of the speed of light. Thank you all for all your hard work over the past years. Now go on and have a successful day!”
Bruce stood there listening to make sure the announcements were over so he could head to engine room three. He zipped up his jacket, pinned his name tag to it, and opened the door. The scene in the hall was like a normal day onboard Titan. People of all ages walking up and down the halls like mindless robots to their posts. Bruce walked down the path leading to engine room three where he met his assistant Alex waiting for him at the engine room door like he did everyday.
“Morning Sir.” Alex said in his most casual voice,”did you have a good morning?” Immediately Bruce knew something was wrong by the way Alex greeted him.
“What has happened? Did engine three cut off again?” Bruce asked alarmingly.
“Well not quite." The engine ran out of antimatter last night and the ships supply is out. The engine will fully stop in the next few hours and we will stop accelerating.”
“What! How is that possible I was there when we loaded all the antimatter onto the ship and there was enough for each engine to run nonstop for over forty years. What happened to it?” Bruce's anger was so intense that he was shaking.
“Well we don’t actually know what happened to the antimatter storage. Last month we ran stock on how much we had left and there was plenty. The only explanation was someone would have had to have stolen all the supply. But if someone had done that they would be infected by the antimatter and die in a matter of minutes.”
Alex was breathing full breaths and panicking as he explained what happened. Bruce got out his keys and opened the door so they could inspect the engine. Bruce walked over to the control panel next to the massive antimatter engine that was emitting a powerful heat wave from lack of fuel.
“Who has access to the storage supply?” Bruce yelled over the roar of the engine.
“Only me, you, and Claire. But Claire is working at engine one this week on the other side of the ship. So, she couldn't have stolen the antimatter, right?” Alex stood there focusing on his hands obviously thinking hard about the possibility that Claire stole the antimatter.
“Don’t worry,” Bruce said in a matter of fact voice,”Claire is as devoted to the project as the captain is. We should go to engine one to talk to her about what we should do, afterall she is the one who designed these engines.”
Walking down the hallway they noticed that everyone wasn’t where they were supposed to be. Everyone by now are supposed to be at their workstations, but the hallway was packed with people from engineering to the top deck.
“What has happened?” called out a familiar voice from the crowded hallway. Calvin, the captains assistant, appeared to come out of thin air to greet them. “The captain is furious. We’ve lost over a months worth of speed in the last hour! If engine three doesn't start accelerating by tomorrow then the project is over and we would need to head back to Earth.”
“We’re going to go talk to Claire at engine one about a possible solution. For some reason all the antimatter in engine threes storage are all gone,” yelled Bruce over the commotion coming from the crowded hall.
“Claire isn’t at engine one. She’s up on the captains deck and asked me to come and find you. She was working on a plan when I left and hopefully she know what we need to do right now.”
Following Calvin up to the captains deck took a lot longer than it should have. People came running left and right all yelling for help to keep Titan accelerating. With Calvins help they were able to get past the panicking mob of workers in a reasonably short amount of time. Getting all the up to the captains deck was a lot more trouble than it could have been thanks to the blocked hallways and workers not being where they are needed to be.
They found Claire in a rapid argument with the captain at the main command table located in the middle of all the ruckus.
“Hey Claire!” yelled Calvin across the room,”I found them at engine three.”
Claire looked up at them and pushed the captain aside to go talk to Bruce. “What the hell is going on?” she said in a very agitated manner,” We should be rapidly accelerating right now but for some reason engine three is stalling.” Bruce then explained what happened and that they have no idea where the antimatter is. When he finished talking the group all just looked at each other not knowing what to do when all of a sudden Alex had a massive brainwave.
“We have to redistribute all the extra antimatter to each engine. To pick up all the speed we’ve lost we just need to increase our rate of acceleration by ten percent.”
“But Alex,” said Calvin,” if we increase our rate, even by one percent, everyone onboard could be drastically affected.
“Well if you guys have a better idea then speak up!” Said Alex in a sarcastic manner.
“Do it,” the captain said from right behind them. They all looked at the captain thinking he had gone crazy. “I’m completely out of options. Everybody on board know the risks of the project and this is a risk I’m going to have to take. If we don’t start accelerating in the next few hours then Project Titan will be lost. We would have to turn the ship around and head all the way back home knowing that we all failed. All four of you go down to each engine and distribute the proper amount of antimatter to each engine. Claire go to engine one, Alex go to two, Bruce go to three, and Calvin go to four. You all need to be in constant communication, so here take some earpieces.” The captain walked over to a cupboard next to the navigation system and pulled out four earpieces for each of them. “Now go before it’s too late.” They all ran out of the captains deck with Bruce in the leed.
“Ok,” Bruce said into the microphone,”you guys need to send me each a full gram of antimatter for the proper acceleration needed to go that fast.” They all agreed and Bruce took a different path from the rest of the group so he could make it to engine three quickly. While Bruce was sprinting down the hallway the intercom came on and the captain explained the plan to everyone onboard Titan.
Bruce continued sprinting down the halls of Titan not paying any attention to what the captain was saying. The news of the plan now in the heads of everyone on Titan caused a huge panic that clogged up the hallways even worse than before and yelling at everyone didn’t help anything. Not knowing what to do Bruce called the others for help.
Bruce said,"Guys all the halls are blocked off, I can't get to engine three."
"Go down the access chamber," said Claire who was very out of breath.
"Good idea, thanks Claire!" said Bruce.
Bruce went to the side of the hall and opened up the small access door. He climbed inside and continued to run towards engine three. Getting all the way down the long hallway wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. Bruce was determined to keep the project running.
When he opened the door he saw the three grams of antimatter in she shipping pipe waiting for him. Bruce put on his biohazard suit from his locker and proceeded with extreme caution to take the antimatter and put it into the loading slot connected to the engine.
“Ok I’m ready at engine three,” Bruce said into the microphone.
“We’re all ready,” said Calvin on the other end.”On three, one... two... three!” They all turned the engines to 10% extra thrust and the ship shot forward generating a tremendous amount of speed. Bruce flew across the room and slammed into the opposite wall with incredible force and blacked out.
Accelerating up to 70% the speed of light was not a good idea. Bruce woke up several hours after the acceleration and looked at the engine. The engine was turned off. Bruce got up to turn it back on but the switch wasn’t working.
“Hey guys the engine isn’t turning on. Guys? Hello?” Bruce stood there yelling into the microphone hearing nothing but a quiet crackle that quickly died.
Alarmed, Bruce ran out into the hall and what he saw was enough to make him scream. Bodies littered the hallways. Every light was out and all communication panels would not turn on. As he walked down the hallway, trying to avoid the bodies, Bruce saw someone lying down on the ground breathing.
“Hey are you alright?” Bruce yelled.
“Thank god i’m not the only one left.” The injured man said with relief. Bruce walked over to the man and sat next to him trying to calm his breath.
“What happened to all the power and the engines?” Bruce asked slowly.
“When we accelerated most of the people died from the amount of g-forces. The engines created too much thrust and blew up. Thanks to the force fields around the engines the ship wasn’t blown to pieces. But the explosion caused an electromagnetic pulse that knocked out all technology onboard the ship. We’re stranded on this ship now with no escape and very limited oxygen.” The man breathed a heavy sigh and looked up at Bruce.
“What do we do now?” Bruce asked. He already knew the answer before the man answered him, but he didn’t want to admit it.
“The only thing we can do is sit here and wait for the oxygen to run out, and remember the good times of life.” The man looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. Bruce did the same. He was back home on Earth with his family before the project began.
“Here’s to family, friends, and the laws of nature.”
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PostSubject: Re: Story Time with DRac44   Story Time with DRac44 EmptyMon Jul 08, 2013 9:34 am

Me Gusta
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Story Time with DRac44
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