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November 2017

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 Too much lag.... Can't.... handle it......

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PostSubject: Too much lag.... Can't.... handle it......   Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:12 pm

So im posting another suggestion (so helpful i know) well what is happening is the server is very laggy either around 9 am or the morning or 9 pm right now for me, i suggest that you make the server automatically reset at 8 am ir around then and 8 pm or around then or maybe just give admins the ability to reset the server? it takes some trust but i think itd be a good idea so when admins are on and the server is lagging up they can help fix it too, and i know i speak for a lot of minecraft players i mean we cant mine efficantly pvp or sometimes chat or even walk around bc the lag is so bad please just think about it....... We love liveandlearn but no lag..... Sad we hate lag..... Sad lag makes us sad Sad we dont know what to do confused help us nick please.....
This is just an idea and has been mentioned many times before i just wanted to really put it out there,
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Too much lag.... Can't.... handle it......
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